How should shochu be drunk?

Is there a 'right way'?

Yes. But you can drink shochu straight, with mixers, or 'on the rocks'. It's your choice.

The traditional method however, is to drink shochu with 'o-yu' (お湯) which simply means hot water.

We recommend pure, distilled water brought to the boil and then allowed to cool to 72°~73°C (around 162°F).

Pour some of the hot water into your favourite tumbler, to warm the glass and ensure the glass is clean.

Empty out this water, and refill the glass between ½ ~ ¾ full with fresh, hot water.

Now, slowly fill the glass to the top with your favourite Satoh shochu. There's no need to stir.

Sit back and enjoy!


* Please drink Satoh Shochu in moderation *

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