The Satoh Distillery, its history & shochu

The Satoh family first distilled the famous sweet-potato based liquor, sometime around the late 1800's, but at that time, around 7,000 individuals or small cooperatives made this strong alcohol, much like during the prohibition years in the USA. In Japan, it wasn't illegal but wasn't formalized in any way at all.

Above, you can see some of the Satoh family, who made The Satoh Distillery what it is today.

After the Russo-Japanese war ended in the September of 1905, it was decided that Japan should make some sweeping changes, including the registration and licensing of all shochu distillers. This legal red-tape has resulted in the mere 113 distilleries which exist today.

But The Satoh Distillery is known as one the best-of-the-best, thanks to our limited production based on strict quality-control, our remarkable water supply, staff who are dedicated to producing the best, and age-old methods which guarantee that you can enjoy this supreme drink, year after year.

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